1904 City Manual



      The management of the Department of Fire, Police and parks is vested in commissions appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Common Council. Similar commissions also have charge of the Public School System, Health Department, Public Library and the Water Department. The members of the Commission of Public Instruction and Public Library are appointed yearly by the Mayor and do not have to be confirmed by Common Council, while the Water Commissioners, six in number, and Health Board, seven in number, are elected by Common Council.




      The Board of Police Commissioners was created under an act of the Legislature approved May 2d, 1885, which act was adopted in an election held in April, 1889. The Board consists of four members, one being appointed each year by the Mayor for a term of four years at an annual salary of $500.

Robert Surtees (R.)525 Hudson street
Term expires January 1st, 1905.
Thomas F. McCormack (D.)890 South Lamberton street
Term expires January 1st, 1906.
Harry S. Maddock (R.)340 Hamilton avenue
Term expires January 1st, 1907.
George B. La Barre (D.)100 Spring street
Term expires January 1st, 1908.

   PRESIDENT — Robert Surtees.
   SECRETARY — Richard R. Lutes, 24 Faircrest avenue.

CLOTHING — Maddock, McCormack, v
PRINTING — Maddock, La Barre.
DISCIPLINE — Maddock, McCormack, Surtees, La Barre.

      Commission meets at Police Headquarters, Chancery street, on the second and last Wednesday in each month at 8 P. M.






Chief of Police

Judson Hiner

515 South Clinton avenue

Salary, $1,800 per annum









Captain - First District

John J. Cleary



226 Second street

Salary, $1,200 per annum





Captain - Second District

William Dettmar

587 Chestnut avenue

Salary, $1,200 per annum






Phineas Randolph



415 Beatty street

Michael McGowan

559 S. Warren street

John W. Zenker



233 Bayard street

James Mullen



313 Academy street

Charles Schenck



187 S. Broad street

William Alcutt



124 Butler street

Salaries, $960 per annum






Charles Pilger



342 W. State street

John J. Clancy


301 Bellevue avenue

Salaries, $1,080 per annum






John Maguire



345 Second street

James Culliton

515 N. Olden avenue

William Deck

1140 Lamberton street

Edw. Fitzpatrick



419 Centre street

Salaries, $900 per annum

      SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE TELEGRAPH—Oliver M. Schaefer, 14 Wilkinson Place. Salary, $720 per annum.

      LINEMAN—W. E. Walton, 30 Mechanics avenue.

      POLICE SURGEON—William B. Van Duyn, 133 Perry street. Salary, $600 per annum.

      SECRETARY TO CHIEF OF POLICE—Benjamin Godshalk, 323 Brunswick avenue. Salary, $600 per annum.



First Division - Salary $840 per annum.





Wm. N. Hibbs

153 West End avenue

Theodore Weigand



720 Cass street

Henry Richter

18 W. Lafayette street

Patrick O'Hara



332 Centre street

Dennis Lane



98 Bellevue avenue

James J. Fay



790 E State street

Anthony Alcott



221 Butler street

John Hoffman


523 Princeton avenue

Charles W. Irving



15 Market street

Richard Pilger

306 W. Hanover street

John J. McCarthy



28 Adeline street

John H. Hutchinson


289 N. Willow street

Peter J. Smith



120 Ferry street

Charles H. Smith



60 Poplar street

Geo. H. Clark


226 N. Willow street

Edward Kelly

362 N. Clinton avenue

Samuel B. Stout



740 Centre street

Wm. H. Shockley



768 Centre street

Joseph Tyrrell

745 S. Warren street

Frank S. Higbee

627 Lamberton street

Michael Shannon



833 Second street

Wm. V. Adams



44 Bellevue avenue

George Mathias



12 Morgan avenue

John McDonough



221 Kossuth street



Second Division - Salary $810 per annum.





Samuel M. Meyers



32 Sherman avenue

Ernest Hillman



18 Ashmore avenue

Martin McDonald



22 Ingham avenue

Oliver G. Cockram



224 Kossuth street

Richard J. Bamford



63 Wall street

John J. Donnelly

517 South Broad street

Jacob J. Walters



117 Market street

Edward Coughlin

636 Lamberton street

John Heher



156 Jefferson street

Peter McLaughlin



38 Murray street

James Fenname



103 Perry street

Luke D. Johnson



526 Second street

William Sandhoff



433 Emory avenue

John Goldenbaum



619 Second street

John Ryan



203 Mott street

Harry Walker



928 Ohio avenue

George Fox



127 Chancery street

Charles Connor



211 Ferry street

August Kulp



418 Genesee street

John H. Sanders



446 Genesee street

George J. Healy



204 Southard street

John Fulkert



615 Centre street

John W. Murphy

554 1/2 S. Clinton avenue

Ivins H. Budd



21 Clark street



Third Division - Salary $780 per annum.





James O'Rourke



83 Lamberton street

William Malone



1015 S. Broad street

Hamilton L. Crisp

527 S. Clinton avenue

John Butterer



104 Roebling avenue

Wm. H. Goodwin



24 Klagg avenue

Chas. H. Caminade

162 S. Stockton street

Willard H. Kelly



35 Charles street

Charles J. Walsh



753 Beatty street

John Hebner



592 Centre street

James A. Ross



311 Southard street

John J. Kennedy



164 Fair street

William Lythgoe



265 Clay street

Augustus Wycoff



104 Houghton avenue

Edgar H. Goodwin



22 Klagg avenue

Walter Green



166 S. Broad street

Patrick Kerwick



105 Calhoun street

James J. Phelan



33 Union street

William Higgins



368 S. Warren street

Geo. H. Barlow

1025 N. Olden avenue

Mercer B. Walklett



630 Walnut avenue

V.C. Fox



763 Centre street

H.D. Girton



751 Centre street

J.J. McLaughlin



228 E. Hanover street

Wm. P. Walters



128 Rusling street

Charles S. Fisher



240 Clay street









Patrol Drivers.

Salary $720 per annum.





Wesley Wooley



125 Chancery street

Allen M. Rgers



324 Perry street

John C. Ridgway



2 West End avenue