City Manual for 1911





      The Board of Police Commissioners was created under an act of the Legislature approved May 2d, 1885, which act was adopted in an election held in April, 1889. The Board consists of four members, one being appointed each year by the Mayor for a term of four years at an annual salary of $500.

Jacob L. Kafes (D.)627 Princeton avenue
Term expires January 1st, 1912.
Frank H. Hutchins (R.)124 S. Olden avenue
Term expires January 1st, 1913.
Samuel Taft (D.)154 Sherman avenue
Term expires January 1st, 1914.
Sidney M. Oliphant248 W. State street
Term expires January 1st, 1915.

   PRESIDENT — Jacob L. Kafes.
   SECRETARY — Richard R. Lutes, 711 Monmouth street.

CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT— Oliphant, Taft, Hutchins.
PRINTING — Taft, Hutchins.

      Commission meets at Police Headquarters, Chancery street, on the second and last Wednesday in each month at 8 P. M.


Chief of Police.

Judson Hiner


16 Atterbury avenue

Salary, $2,400 per annum.




Captain - First District.

John J. Cleary


226 Second street

Salary, $1,800 per annum.




Captain - Second District

William Dettmar


587 Chestnut avenue

Salary, $1,800 per annum.





Michael McGowan

559 S. Warren street

John W. Zenker


248 Pearl street

Charles H. Schanck

21 Mulberry street

William Alcutt


119 Tyler street

James T. Culliton

515 N. Olden avenue

William Deck

1142 Lamberton street





Charles Pilger


342 W. State street

John J. Clancy

453 W. Hanover street





Edw. Fitzpatrick


419 Centre street

Richard Pilger

304 W. Hanover street

Charles H. Smith


207 Calhoun street

George H. Clark


226 N. Willow street

SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE TELEGRAPH—Oliver M. Schafer, 848 Carteret avenue. Salary, $900 per annum.

LINEMAN—W. E. Walton, Broad and Market streets.

AASSISTANT LINEMAN—Edward H. Leahy, 842 Stuyvesant avenue.

POLICE SURGEON—William B. Van Duyn, 133 Perry street. Salary, $780 per annum.


Salaries—First year, $750; second year, $800; third year, $850; fourth year, $1,000. Thereafter 5 per cent. increase annually until salary reaches $1,200, when increases shall cease.




Wm. N. Hibbs

153 West End avenue

Theodore Weigand


720 Cass street

James Smith

212 N. Montgomery street

Anthony Alcutt


138 Kent street

James J. Fay


790 E State street

John Hoffman


523 Princeton avenue

Charles W. Irving


15 Market street

John J. McCarthy


26 Adeline street

John H. Hutchinson


32 Bellevue avenue

Edward Kelly

362 N. Clinton avenue

Samuel B. Stout


118 Lamberton street

William. V. Adams


21 Peace street

Joseph A. Tyrrell


745 S. Warren street

Frank S. Higbee


1540 S. Broad street

Oliver G. Cockram


213 Kossuth street

George Matheis


17 Morgan avenue

John McDonough


58 New High street

Samuel M. Meyers


30  Sherman avenue

Martin McDonald


38 New High street

John J. Donnelly


423 Ferry street

Jacob J. Walters


117 Markert street

John Heher


460 W. Hanover street

Peter McLaughlin


38 Murray street

James Feename

60 W. Hanover street

John Ryan


124 Mott street

William Sandhoff


109 Liberty street

George Fox


127 Chancery street

Charles A. Connor


211 Ferry street

August Kulp


418 Genesee street

John H. Sanders

807 S. Clinton avenue

John Fulkert


615 Centre street

William Malone


1015 S. Broad street






John W. Murphy


16 Tyler street

Ivins H. Budd


10 Beaver street

James O'Rourke


117 Cooper street

John Butterer


196 Passaic street

William. H. Goodwin

24 Klagg avenue

Charles H. Caminade

63 Spring street

Williard H. Kelly


46 Hermitage avenue

Charles J. Walsh

1109 S. Clinton avenue

John Hebner


592 Centre street

John J. Kennedy


114 Fall street

William Lythgoe


328 Centre street

Edgar H. Goodwin


543 N. Clinton avenue

Walter Green


243 N. Broad street

Patrick Kerwick


100 Breunig avenue

V.C. Fox


531 Stuyvesant avenue

H. D. Girton


126 Lalor street

William. P. Walters


23 N. Willow street

Edward Schnorbus


223 Rusling street

Cornelius McDonough

30 Perrine avenue

Richard Guie


549 Emory avenue

William. A. Cleary

405 N. Montgomery street

William J. Mullen


45 Liberty street

John L. DeVeney

310 Hillcrest avenue

James Dewar


247 N. Clinton avenue

James A. Maguire


411 Lamberton street

James Kelly


108 Roebling avenue

Wilson D. Cox


163 Passaic street

Frederick Schumann


1040 S. Broad street

John H. Wilson


40 Houghton avenue

Felix Laciskey


317 Second street

Walter Blauth


964 Smith street

John Coonan


202 Reservoir street

John Moddy


493 S. Broad street

Maurice J. Murphy


66 Wall street

John W. Paul


233 Morris avenue

John Kelty


152 Jefferson street

Charles F. Hillmann


64 Sweets avenue






Harry F. Ward


33 Houghton avenue

John J. Kelly


141 Second street

William Clow


37 Sweets avenue

Antonio Pege


109 Fulton street

Charles Oppermann

809 S. Clinton avenue

Charles Cook


26 Houghton avenue

Frank McDermott


29 Chapel street

Johnson B. Konover


569 S. Broad street

Cornelius P. Carrigan

122 Jersey street

Charles Stanton


533 Emory avenue

Charles T. Mullen


20 Dresden avenue

Harry J. Anglum


136 Kossuth street

Francis J. Hoffman


729 Princeton avenue

Michael J. Foley


920 Princeton avenue

Christian Nahr


217 William street

Harry R. Tindall


777 Second street

William A. Kucker


201 Bellevue avenue

Philip F. Chapman


329 Breunig avenue

William R. Bentley


241 Adeline street

Henry R. Hartmann


878 S. Broad street

Thomas McDonough

169 Lamberton street

Henry Siebers


1 Third street

Stephen A. Hulse


20 Paul avenue

Joseph T. Farley


20 Grant avenue

Joseph T. Walker


458 Centre street




Patrol Drivers.

Salary, $900 per annum.




Wesley Wooley


315 Cass street

Abner R. Braun

1623 S. Clinton avenue

Fred'k J. Henry


408 Centre street

William A. Haney


70 Wall street











Allen M. Rogers


102 W. State street

Louis Hartmann Jr.


Second District Station