is a virtual repository for primary sources related to the history of the Trenton Police Department and the City of Trenton.

     The majority of the on-line collection is comprised of Annual Reports from the last two centuries. We are also proud to report that the two previous histories of the Trenton Police Department (1899 and 1911) have been scanned and posted on the site.

     The Table of Contents is presented two ways, by source grouping and chronologically. The chronological listing will allow persons to easily identify and search documents from specific time periods.

     In most cases the narrative portions of sources have been transcribed, rather than scanned and posted as images or PDF files. Transcriptions of text means the narratives are searchable either by using our search page, with the Google search engine, or by using your browser’s Find function. For more information refer to the Search tutorial on the search page.

     In addition to narratives, department rosters were also transcribed. This too allows for use of common search methods when looking for a specific person. Searchable rosters will prove invaluable to persons conducting genealogical research. Often times the rosters list valuable information about the officers, i.e. Address, Date of Hire, Date of Promotion, Former Occupation, Nativity and, in some instances, “Social Condition” (Married/Single). Salary information is also included many times.

     Most of the documents on this site are Primary Documents and are presented as they exist. For this reason errors in sources have not been corrected. During the creation of this site many inconsistencies and errors have been detected. An errors page is forthcoming, where noted errors will be cross indexed to allow for easy correlation of information. Often times it is the names of officers that are spelled differently from one document to the next. Therefore, it is up to each researcher to interpret the documents.

     Additional documents are always being sought. Anyone who may have documents, pamphlets or books related to the Trenton Police Department is urged to contact

     Source information should be credited to “Trenton Police History Project,” when citing documents on this site.