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There are two ways to find information on the Trenton Police History Project site.
  1. By using the Google search window above.
  2. By using the FIND function (Ctrl + F) of your browser.
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Some Tips for finding information on the site:

  1. Use the Google search and Ctrl+F together.
    Google will find the pages and Ctrl+F will find the information on the page.

  2. If searching for a specific name, try using an alternate spelling. Sometimes peoples names appeared spelled differently within the same report. The same is true from year to year.

  3. Rosters: Rosters appearing in a source have been transcribed manually. No OCR utilities were used. This was done to ensure that names appear as they did in the original document. In most cases this is a long and tedious task. If you believe there is an error, please email historian @ for clarification.

  4. Errata: A page indexing known errors will be forthcoming. This will provide a link to information that is incorrect. It will be up to each researcher to determine if the "suggestions" on the Errata page are accurate.
    i.e. During the late 1800s and early 1900s the names: Oliver G. Cochran, Oliver G. Cockram and Oliver G. Cockran appear - when inspected closely, identical information can be found and used to determine that one man had his name spelled three ways. However, the correct spelling is unknown at this time.

When citing information from this site, please use the following "Source Information" -
Trenton Police History Project.
Refer to MLA, APA or Chicago Manual of Style citation guidelines for the specific documents/publications being cited.